Bio – 60

Nano NPK Liquid Fertilizer

Bio – 60 is a highly concentrated emulsion containing macro and chelated micro elements. It includes organic material derived from a single seaweed variety which has proven beneficial effects upon plants by stimulating root development. It is useful to maximise the production of crops at risk of damage from stress conditions, caused by high temperatures, soil conditions, moisture availability and disease. It is formulated to supply seedlings and more mature plants with essential nutrients.








  • Complete Food for plants with essential nutrients.
  • Can be used throughout crop cycle to strengthen the overall plant health and obtain vigorous growth.
  • Ideal to provide plants with increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.
  • It is a multi-dimensional foliar tonic for cell-strengthening & brix-building.
  • Results in early germination and vigorous seedling growth.
  • Boosts metabolism of plant.
  • Promotes root and top growth. Increases root mass and​ boosts canopy.
  • Enhances stomatal growth & chlorophyll synthesis.
  • Prevents leaf, flower and fruit drop under stressed conditions.
  • Better development of grains/fruits results in higher weight and size.
  • Delivers superior quality of produce & higher yield.
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