Jeevika Bio-NPK


Jeevika Bio-NPK is high profile biofertilizer consortia which contains NFB, PSB and KSB that, being in the rhizosphere, directly or indirectly influences the composition and productivity of natural plant communities. Jeevika Bio-npk give a wholesome nutritional solution for the crop.


1 x 107 per/gm


1 x 107 per/gm


1 x 107 per/gm


  • Jeevika npk fixes atmospheric nitrogen to the level of 20-40 kgs per hectare and thereby helps to reduce the amount of synthetic fertilizer usage.
  • It produces organic acids like malic, succinic, fumaric, citric tartaric acid and acetic acid which fastens in potassium uptake , maturity and increases yield.
  • It improves crop resistance against diseases and stress conditions. It also secretes growth hormones to increases crop productivity and reduces 50-60% potash fertilizer requirement.
  • It supply required essential nutrients together in optimum close to crops.
  • It helps to prevent mix crop deficiency in different forms occurring gradually at different growth stages of crops.
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