Nano NPK Liquid Fertilizer

NITROCAL is a highly concentrated emulsion containing nitrate nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium elements. It is useful to maximise the production of crops at risk of damage from stress conditions, caused by high temperatures, soil conditions, moisture availability and disease.


10 %


15 %


2 %


  • It effectively fulfills crop nitrogen requirement, increases leaf photosynthesis, root biomass, effective tillers & branches,
  • Because of higher efficiency, it can reduce the requirement of conventional Urea by 50 % or more.
  • It helps conserve soil, air and water quality.
  • Boosts metabolism of plant.
  • Promotes root and top growth. Increases root mass and​ boosts canopy.
  • Enhances stomatal growth & chlorophyll synthesis.

Packing :- 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 litre

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