NPK 00 00 50

100% Water Soluble Fertilizer

Water soluble fertilisers release essential plant nutrients at the root level which are readily absorbed and used elsewhere in the plant system. Water soluble fertilisers are rich in nutrients which boost crop growth.

Potassium Content (as K2O)

50% min

Sulphur (as S)

17.5% min.

Total Chlorides (as Cl)

2.5% max

Sodium (as NaCl )

2.0% max

Moisture Content

1.5% max

Benefit :

  • It is a free-flowing, fine crystalline powder which is fully soluble in water.
  • It can be applied along with all water soluble fertilisers, except calcium fertilisers.
  • It can be applied in combination with N, NP and PK fertilisers according to crop needs.
  • It contains sulphur, which helps to improve shelf life of fruits besides sugar content.
  • It is useful for fruit quality, bumper fruit weight, fruit colour, shine, etc.

Packing : 25 Kg. Bag & 1 Kg Pouch

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