Arihant Power is beneficial Phosphate solubilizing fungal microorganisms which  hydrolyzing organic and inorganic insoluble phosphorus compounds to soluble phosphorus form that can easily be assimilated by plants. To make phosphorus accessible for plants to absorb. It includes lowering pH level of the soil, chelation and mineralization. It protects plants by avoiding phytopathogens. Power helps in seed formation and early maturation of crops. It also help early ripening and stimulate young plants to produce deeper and abundant roots.



  • Plays vital role in every aspect of plant growth and development and fulfilling deficiencies.
  • It helps in many physiological and biochemical plant activities including photo synthesis, development of roots, strengthening the stalks and stems formation of flowers and seeds.
  • It helps in early ripening of fruits and stimulates young plants to grow deeper and abundant roots.
  • It promotes plant growth by generating auxins, gibberellins etc.
  • It increases the availability of phosphorus without disturbing the biochemical composition of the soil
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