Nano NPK Liquid Fertilizer

Secret is a complex fertilizer containing high concentration of Nitrogen & Phosphorous . It is ideal for attaining instant and prolonged greenness . It is further enhanced by the integration of the EA2 & S4  Technology, which promotes absorption and translocation of nutrients.






  • High N and P in 1:1 ratio gives an ideal start to the crop.
  • High -N concentration helps in plant growth and chlorophyll synthesis due to better mobility.
  • High-P, helps in early and profuse root development ,crop maturity and seed production.
  • Early and profuse tillering in paddy. It helps in quick recuperating of the roots damaged during transfer from nursery to main field in paddy.
  • Early and profuse branching which results in more flowering and fruiting.
  • Prolonged greenness due to supply of longer availability of Nitrogen.
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