Bio Fungicide

Sudosol is high potency bio-fungicide, bio-bactericide and bio-nematicide. It contains Pseudomonas fluorescence bacteria which is detrimental to plant diseases. Sudosol competes with other plant pathogenic microorganism by killing them or suppressing their growth by producing a group of antibiotics.


  • It is efficient in eliminating foliar diseases and certain soil – borne diseases.
  • It helps in eliminating Sclerotium efficiently by soil application in all types of horticulture and floriculture crops.
  • It is used for biological control of powdery mildew caused by several pathogenic species like Erysiphe spp., Oidium spp., Blumeria spp., Sphaerotheca spp., Leveillula spp, Microsphaera spp., Uncinula spp.
  • It contains auxins, which increase the content of nutrients on the plant surface.
  • Develops immunity & self defensive system in plant.
  • Sudodol is effective over larvae of many Nematodes while remaining harmless to other beneficial insects and micro-flora.

 Packing:- 500 gm, 1 kgs

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