Plant Growth Promoter

Xployed is a powerful electrolyte and bio-stimulant, which can balance and energize all plant and microbe cells for optimal cell division, elongation and growth. Xployed is the building block of natural organic matter, which is essential for maintenance of soil fertility & growth of all kind of Crops.




  • Increases nutrient uptake.
  • Stimulates microbial activity.
  • Regulates the pH-value of soils.
  • Increases water-holding capacity of soil.
  • Helps in increasing Soil Organic Carbon.
  • Improves overall plant health; helping plants better resist predators and disease.
  • Stimulates white root growth, which increases crop health.
  • Increases Fertilizer response.
  • Reduces the Impact of Salinity.

Packing:- 250ml, 500ml & 1 ltr.

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